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hmm. can anybody make me a really snazzy layout please? :]

not much is going on really. i've been to a few concerts lately. A lot of local bands & I WENT TO SEE BRIGHT EYES. they were really awesome but the fucking crowd kept singing along, & they were being louder than conor was singing. i wanted to shoot each & every one of them. uhhh.

later lovelies

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hello darlings!
sorry i've been gone. so much has been going on ..
maybe i'll get into that shit later. i don't know ;/

anyways. it's friday & i'm glad for it. i hate school.
& i hate mostly everybody in my school. freaking gangsters
running around allll over the place.

i'm going to the movies tonight; hopefully to see "Series
Of Unfortunate Events". that movie looks pretty sweet. i'm
going with a few friends, taylor, chris, dasha & laura. soo
yeah .. boring stuff. if you've seen the movie, how was it?
did you all like it?

i'm thinking of dying my hair black & getting bangs. i'm
not sure about it though, because i don't know how i'd
look with bangs. eh, who knows.

well i'll write later lovies; ♥ you all.
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alright so it's my first entry .. i had a greatestjournal before but i switched because livejournal seems pretty rad. i'm really good at layouts and stuff at greatestjournal .. but this seems a bit more confusing.

i got a new phone today. it's really cool. it's color and takes pictures and all the jive. it's sweet.

well i'm gonna go try and figure this shiza out and get some friends ;D write tomorrow probably! <3
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